Vocabulary Test 2 Is Live!

It was about time to release another one of our tests, right? We are going back to the vocabulary test, with 20 new words. If you have been reading the blog for a while, you shouldn’t have a problem scoring a 100%! We covered all the words in the past, inside the Word of the Day column.

Daily Writing Tips Vocabulary Test

Here is a teaser:

1. Befuddle means:

  • to harass
  • to threaten
  • to confuse
  • to insult

Click here to go to the Vocabulary Test 2 page. Ah, and don’t forget to let us know your score with a comment below.

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20 thoughts on “Vocabulary Test 2 Is Live!”

  1. “My freelance writing experience was one reason why I was hired.”

    A reason is THAT, not WHY. “My freelance writing experience was one reason THAT I was hired.”

    I got an 85…and in the medical field (my field), a stigma (or stigmata, plural) is usually the definitive mark of some disease, disease process, abnormality etc. In that sense it is usually construed to be something negative, even as a positive finding.

    I enjoy the challenge of the vocabulary tests…hoping to keep my mind sharp (or as sharp as it can be, LOL).

  2. 90% I’m not ashamed that I didn’t know teraflop, but I could argue that if I don’t understand a problem, it could be either fuzzy or muddy.

  3. How was #3 a vocabulary question? To me, that was a history question, and a confusing one at that, because, well, they’re STILL building Gothic buildings all over the world!

    Oh, and I didn’t know teraflop, either, but, well, technology!

  4. I only got 70% but enjoyed the test as it gave me an idea for teaching my chinese friends. I can give them the test and discuss the answers.

    Maybe your next test could be a slight variation:ask to chose te odd-man- out. Use five alternatives, only one answer incorrect.

    I thought trudge was to wade through water noisily and like (as )the others above did not know teraflop.

    A grammar inquiry connection would be appreciated as my chinese friends ask me questions I cannot answer orI feel unsure about my answers. Thank you Maotouying

  5. In one of the questions, euphemism was the correct answer, but the adjective preceding the blank was “an”? Would “an euphemism” really be correct?

  6. An euphamism just screams wrongness.
    The rule is if the spoken word sounds like it begins with a vowel, you use an, if it doesn’t use a…

    Isn’t it?

    Egg *sounds* like it starts with an “e”, so “an egg”.
    Euphamism sounds like it starts with a y so it should be “a euphamism”?

  7. 35% I couldn’t even understand questions because words used to ask questions were beyond my head. I took the first test using a dictionary, got 90% but i had to use dictionary to select the right answer for every question and understand almost all questions. Since that was cheating, i didn’t do it in this test but look how poor i’m with words. damn. what should i do, seriously? just so you can help me better, i didn’t use a dictionary for this comment. what is my level of english then? and what i need to do. seriously, i’m concerned. (okay unintentionally i checked that “concerned” with my dictionary), time taken to write and reread this comment to make sure i’ve said all that i wanted to say = about five minutes.

  8. 85% on Voc 1, but 60% on Voc 2! 85% on grammar test.
    Did my best on all three, but not native speaker of English, not practised for either of the tests (haven’t seen the web site before), Voc 2 seems to include a much odder (idiosyncratic, even) selection of words than Voc 1. Linguist.

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