Vocabulary Test 1 Answers

1. Idiosyncrasy is:
Answer: a peculiar habit or characteristic of an individual or group

2. Someone with excessive concern for precision and formal rules is:
Answer: pedantic

3. Beleaguer means:
Answer: to harass

4. “John’s __________ was irritating. He was reluctant even to buy bread!”
Answer: parsimony

5. An ombudsman is:
Answer: an impartial person who watches for administrative abuses inside organizations

6. If something is in oblivion:
Answer: people have completely forgotten about it

7. The fights on the streets created a big:
Answer: turmoil

8. Mary was always able to recover quickly from misfortunes. She was very:
Answer: resilient

9. A Pyrrhic victory is:
Answer: a victory with huge losses

10. The ________ steps confirmed he was hiding from someone.
Answer: furtive

11. A bipartisan act:
Answer: is supported by both sides

12. Recoil means:
Answer: to move away or bounce back

13. Fred was in a hurry so he entered the room:
Answer: briskly

14. The __________ moon was shiny that night.
Answer: waxing

15. An algorithm is:
Answer: a procedure defined to solve a problem, usually structured in steps

16. If something is implied by actions or statements, it is:
Answer: tacit

17. They had mixed feelings about it; hence their comments weres:
Answer: ambivalent

18. In a meritocracy:
Answer: the advancement of individuals is based on their performance

19. Rhetoric is:
Answer: the skill of using language persuasively

20. Alice was in a conundrum. She had no:
Answer: choice