Section Two: When to Set Up Milestones and How

Milestones are particularly useful for larger projects, acting as checkpoints that ensure progress and facilitate phased payments. Platforms like Upwork popularize this model, offering protection and motivation for both freelancers and clients.

This means that you and your client agree to a rate, terms, and when the payments will be divided and issued. This could be in quarters, the midpoint, or per piece.

I would recommend that writers set up a milestone payment system for really large projects that they know will take a long time. No one wants to work for a month or two before getting paid, and most clients understand that. Setting up partial payments as you complete certain aspects of the work is a great way for clients to monitor things and for writers to support themselves as they work.

To effectively use milestones:

  • Define Clear Objectives: Each milestone should represent a specific, measurable deliverable.
  • Agree on Payments: Ensure each milestone has an associated payment that reflects the work’s value.
  • Use a Trusted Platform: Employ platforms with escrow services to safeguard payments.
  • Communicate Regularly: Keep clients updated on progress to maintain trust and transparency.