Section Two: Choosing a Niche

If you can, try to go for a niche that aligns with a mix of your interests, expertise, and market demand. If you’re an expert on collectible stamps, that’s great, but the demand might be pretty low for a niche like that. I always say, “Learn to read the room,” with the room being the online world.

So, start by assessing your skills and passions. Sit down and ask yourself:

  • What am I really good at? 
  • What am I an expert on? 
  • What did I study in school? 
  • What past real-world work experience do I have? 

Make an exhaustive list of everything you can think of.

Pro Tip: Anything that you can attach a title to is just another leg-up you’ll have on other writers. For example, I’m an author, but I’m also a USA TODAY Bestselling Author, so I always use that title to leverage better gigs.

Next, spend some time researching industries with a strong demand for content and consider where you can offer unique value. Experiment with different areas before committing to ensure a good fit.

A good method to get a super quick feel for the demand that’s out there is to head right to job boards, not to apply, but to see what clients are looking for. They’ve already done the market research and know what consumers want.