Section One: What Is a Job Board/Site?

Think of a job board as a bustling marketplace. But instead of fruits and veggies, it’s filled with job listings waiting to be picked. These digital forums connect eager, hardworking freelancers with an array of clients needing their skills.

You’ll find everything from one-off projects to long-term gigs. Job boards are definitely the go-to place to find work for most freelancers starting their journey.

Key Things to Know

Not every job board is created equal. They all have a specific purpose and functionality. But it all boils down to two types:

1. Interactive sites where you create an account, build a portfolio, and maintain your reputation as you bid, land, and complete gigs. Each completed job adds to your work experience, which you can showcase in your platform portfolio. Clients can provide reviews, and you may receive a scoring system. This option is great for newbies just starting out who need more experience under their belt.

2. Straight-up job listings. These sites are literally just a living list of active job postings you can scroll through and check out. The listings usually include the client’s contact info, website, job description, pay, and expectations. You don’t need an account or portfolio on the platform. You just pick and choose which gigs to apply to.