Section One: Client Relationship Management

I always say that the backbone of any successful freelance career isn’t just great writing; it’s great relationships. Why? Because satisfied clients are repeat clients and are usually your best advocates.

Over the years, I’ve built lasting professional relationships with clients from all over the world. There were times when I was looking for extra work, and all I had to do was reach out.

Also, whenever a client needs a great writer they can rely on to handle a specific project, they know they can skip the job sites and tedious interviews and come directly to me and get exactly what they’re looking for.

Here’s how to keep those relationships as polished as your words:

Communication Is Key

Touch base with regular updates, clear expectations, and open lines for feedback to keep projects smooth and clients happy. If you’re sick or overworked and have fallen behind, communicate that. Let them know you’ll need an extra day or two. They’ll appreciate it.

Handling Revisions and Feedback

Never respond negatively to feedback or revision requests. Approach revisions as an opportunity to refine your work to perfection. Feedback, even when constructive, is a tool for growth.

Of course, the exception is if a client is outwardly rude and disrespectful. Be sure to express (professionally) how you won’t accept that sort of treatment, and that should provide feedback accordingly. A client once referred to me as “woman” and nothing else. Don’t stand for things like that.