Section Five: Research Skills for Content Writers

Effective research is foundational to producing quality online content. Today, the web is a vast, never-ending source of information, and one key factor in content’s success is how well it’s researched.

When sitting down to write an article, I like to start by Googling the topic. This tells me:

  • What others are saying
  • What consumers are looking for
  • What keywords are commonly used
  • What experts in that field know

Never copy and paste what others have already created. Google hates this, and it’s also a form of plagiarism. Instead, consume the information yourself so that you can write your own original content about it.

If you wish to mention a certain site, fact, or quote, be sure to mention it and provide a link to where it came from. Also, only trust reliable sources of high authority, including Buzzfeed, Dictionary.com, government and news sites, and medical journals.

Try to avoid sourcing, quoting, or externally linking to blogs or clickbait-type sites. Developing strong research skills ensures your content is accurate and valuable.