Keeping Readers Hooked with Plot Twists

A well-crafted plot twist can leave readers gasping, reeling and absolutely hooked on your narrative. But it’s easy to overdo it and create a twist that is so unbelievable that it almost ruins the whole story. Learning how to craft twists and turns in your story will make it more fun for readers.

What Are Plot Twists?


Plot twists are events that drastically alter what we understand about the story or characters. They’re often used to surprise readers, create suspense or redirect the narrative. When successful, they can make your story unforgettable.

The Importance of Plot Twists in Writing

Plot twists inject excitement and suspense into your story. They surprise your readers, keeping them engaged and eager to discover what happens next. Plot twists can also add depth to your characters, create tension, and help to flesh out your narrative.

Tips for Using Plot Twists Properly

  1. It should be unexpected: The best plot twists are those that take readers by surprise.
  2. Foreshadow: Leave subtle hints leading up to the twist.
  3. Pack a punch: A plot twist should significantly change the direction of your story or your character’s path.

Things to Avoid When Creating Plot Twists

  1. Too obvious: If readers can see the twist coming from a mile away, it won’t have the desired impact.
  2. Too random: While a plot twist should be surprising, it is equally important for it to make sense within the context of your story.
  3. Too frequent: Overloading your story with twists can exhaust your readers and make the narrative feel chaotic.

Case Studies: Popular Plot Twists

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses: Rhysand is revealed to be the hero, not the villain, adding depth to his character and changing the direction of the entire series.
  2. Shadow and Bone: The Darkling turns out to be the villain, shifting our perception of the character and propelling the story in a new direction.
  3. The Sixth Sense: In the end, psychologist Malcolm Crowe is revealed to be a ghost himself, redefining the entire narrative and delivering a shocking finale that people still talk about to this day.

Plot twists are a powerful tool in the writer’s arsenal. They can turn an ordinary story into an extraordinary one. Crafted with care, they can deliver moments of surprise and excitement that keep your readers on the edge of their seats.