Importance of Multiple Revision Rounds

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines because editing isn’t a one-lap race. In fact, it’s more like a triathlon, with different stages, each requiring its own set of skills and focus.

Why You Need Several Rounds of Edits

Why You Need Several Rounds of Edits

Contrary to popular belief, writing is not a one-and-done kind of thing. Oh no, it’s more akin to sculpting—you don’t start with a masterpiece; you chip away until you have one. Each round of editing gets you closer to your final polished piece.

Developmental Editing

This is where we take a big-picture look at your story. We’re examining your plot, character arcs, setting and overall structure here. Is your story well-paced? Are your characters consistent and believable? Do the plot points connect and flow seamlessly? This is your chance to rearrange, add or delete big chunks of your story as needed.

Line Editing

Now that the “bones” of your story are solid, let’s move to the “flesh,” the actual language used. We focus on making each sentence as strong as possible in line editing. We look for clarity, style and voice. Are your sentences varied and engaging? Is your word choice precise and effective? Do your metaphors sing, and your similes sizzle? Let’s make sure they do!


Next, it’s time to clean up. Proofreading focuses on catching small errors that sneak past us, like spelling, punctuation and typos. You’ve worked hard on your story; don’t let a misplaced comma or a stubborn typo trip up your readers!

Final Run-Through

Just when you thought you were done, we do one last sweep. This final read-through is to ensure nothing was missed and that everything flows smoothly. A victory lap, if you will.

Example: Before and After 

Before editing: “She walked through the forest. It was dark. She felt scared.”

After editing: “She stumbled through the dense, shadowy undergrowth, a ball of fear settling heavily in her stomach.”

Multiple rounds of editing might seem daunting, but they are your trusty pit stops to ensure your writing race ends in triumph!