Top 5 Tips When Bidding For Freelance Work

One way of obtaining freelance work is by bidding for work through websites like, or This route to contract work is a handy tool for stop-gap work but can be a minefield for the uninitiated. The idea is based on the eBay model, where clients post the type of work they are looking for within a budget range, timescale, and description of the work they need completed. Freelancers then bid on the job, and the client selects the best fit, or sometimes unsurprisingly, the cheapest offer of work.

The system is based heavily on trust and therefore, like the problems experienced by a minority of eBay users, some people have had bad experiences using it. Bidding systems have downfalls as well as advantages, so this article aims at ensuring you get some important advice to ensure you don’t fall into one of the many pitfalls that exist to trap unsuspecting freelancers.