The DWT Twitter Account Is Here

By Daniel Scocco

Over the last couple of weeks many readers emailed us asking if Daily Writing Tips had a Twitter account or not. We didn’t have one, but that is fixed now.

I created the account a couple of days ago, and it is already configured. Every time a new post gets published on the blog the account will be automatically updated with the title of the post and a link to it.

You can follow the DWT Twitter acount here: @writing_tips (we’ll follow all the readers back).

Apart from the blog updates, I will hang out there once in a while, and I will also ask Maeve if she wants to use the account to interact with our readers. It might be a good channel to exchange writing tips and post requests.

Finally, we have also added a “Retweet” button below all the posts. You can click there if you want to share a particular post with your Twitter followers.

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