The DWT Freelance Writing Course Is Live

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As you probably know the Internet is growing faster than ever, and content is what fosters that growth. As a result there is a strong demand for writers online right now, ranging from copywriters to paid bloggers and magazine writers.

That is why a couple of months ago we ran a poll asking our readers if they would be interested in a freelance writing course. Over 500 people answered positively, so we got busy and created one.

It’s a 6-week course aimed at giving you all the information you need to start making money freelance writing online. The core content was created by Ali Hale. Apart from writing for us she is a very successful freelance writer. In fact after only eight months writing online she managed to quit her job, and today she is a full time freelance writer and coach for aspiring writers.

I also contributed to some of the Internet marketing related lessons, and both Ali and I will be hanging in the private forums to answer questions and interact with the students.

The course will remain open for enrollment for 48 hours only (i.e., doors close on Friday, 8am EST), so if you are interested I would recommend you to check it out now. You can click here to visit the course page with all the relevant information.

If you have a question just leave a comment below with it and I’ll be glad to answer.

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30 thoughts on “The DWT Freelance Writing Course Is Live”

  1. Wrapping up my Masters degree this semester so this isn’t the ideal time for me to take this course, but I am very interested in it. Will you offer it again?

  2. @Shawn, yes we’ll be offering it again in the future. Probably within 4 months. There are good chances the price will go up though.

  3. Just wondering — when is the course offered? I don’t see any dates or times. And how is it delivered? Is the course a series of e-mailed lessons or is it delivered by podcast?

  4. Is this something where we have to be available at a certain time of the day, or do we complete each week’s course on our own time?

  5. Hi, I’m interested in the course. Are the modules flexible to cover ? I’m already in a full-time job and am not sure how this course will be conducted.

    Also is there any other way to make payment except Paypal?

  6. I tried to sign up for the course. It would not accept either credit card I used, and both are backed by plenty of money. I cannot sign in, either. It says that my user name is used by someone else, which is me, and when I go to the membership link, it tells me to go back to sign up. I hate this kind of thing. Indicative of how getting to the materials is going to be? And, how can I pay for this when I keep getting the error message that says neither my Visa nor my MasterCard numbers are appropriate for this application?

  7. @Heather, the course is delivered with text lessons. Each week a new module becomes available, containing 4-5 lessons. So you can follow the course at your own pace.

  8. @Ayesha, as I explained above you can take the lessons whenever you want, as they are available inside the members area.

    As for payment, PayPal is the platform we use, but you can use any credit card to pay (PayPal only processes the payment).

  9. @Sherri, if PayPal won’t accept your credit cards there is nothing we can do about it, as the payment processing part is completely outsourced to them.

  10. Daniel and Sherri, I think there’s some sort of glitch with paypal, as it wouldn’t take my credit card this morning, either. I’m going to try again, with my paypal account this time.

  11. OK, just tried to sign up again, and it won’t let me do it with the username I tried this morning. It says there’s already a member with that ID. When I tried to log in, it says that I don’t have access. I’m not sure the problem is with PayPal. I tried to use my debit card this morning, since I didn’t have enough money in my PP account, but it wouldn’t take it. When I tried to sign up from PP, it would let me do it either. There is a $1 charge to my checking account, but it’s been reversed, apparently.

    Is anyone else having problems signing up? I really want to sign up before it closes. Thanks.

  12. So how much does it cost? I like the price of things to be right on the first page. Maybe I missed it but I don’t like to dig for the pertainent information while clicking page after page, link after link. Sorry if I did but as a really busy person, time is money.

  13. Dear Daniel Scocco

    iam somali freelance journalist i think this course is very appropriate to my career.

    i have not ammount to pay course so will it be free course online w
    how you will help me

    farhan jama

  14. Pardon the basic question, but I am a complete novice to writing professionally online.

    Ali’s course intro talks about clients and jobs, but what exactly does that mean? What kinds of writing (news, opinion, advice/motivation, research/analysis, promotional, instructional, promotional, all of the above, other)? For what kinds of venues (news sites, businesses and organizations, trades and professional outlets, all of the above, other)?

    What I really want to ascertain is whether online writing, and hence this course, are ‘for me’. I am not passionate about writing per se to the point of wanting a career as an all purpose pen for hire. But I really love writing about things and issues I am passionate about, and would love converting that into extra income. If the latter is a realistic goal in the current state of the online freelance writing business, the someone like me would benefit from this course.

    And I mean no disrespect to people who love writing for its own sake, regardless of topic. I really appreciate the passion, even if for me writing is a (preferred) means for other passions and ends 🙂

  15. @Darlene, if you created a user and when you tried to pay you got an error you’ll need to start the sign-up process from scratch, choosing a different username.

    Don’t worry though, we’ll make sure to get your membership going before we close the doors on Friday!

    If you keep having trouble to sign-up please send an email to [email protected] and I’ll look into it more closely.

  16. @Lynn, one single payment of $97 for complete access to the course. The price is highlighted in the sales page too, so we are definitely not trying to hide it!

  17. @Reuven, in section about finding clients we’ll list resources you can use to find writing jobs in all sorts of niches and with all sorts of online publications. Those range from blogs to online magazines and corporations.

    And yes, it’s definitely to make money and write mostly about the stuff you are passionate. That is the beauty of online freelancing.

  18. @Reuven, just to add to Daniel’s reassurances — a lot of my own freelance writing has been on topics and issues that interest me deeply. I’m a paid writer for self-improvement / personal development blogs like The Change Blog, Dumb Little Man and Pick the Brain. I’ve also written about sensible dieting for a couple of sites, and eco issues.

    So yes, it’s absolutely possible to make money from writing about issues that you care about. In fact, I think great writing often comes from having a real interest in your subject.

  19. I live out of the USA, and would like to know if the course is for “anyone out there”. What about writing in other languages as well?

  20. It was already too late to apply for the course when I read this mail.

    It will be for the next session. Please remind me.

  21. @Dan,

    Yes the course is online based, so you can take it from anywhere. Second, you do can apply the concepts you’ll learn to any language or market you desire.

  22. I’m very sad that I missed today’s deadline. I wasn’t aware there was a set deadline until just now. I am hopeful there will be future classes (still within my pricerange) that I may participate in.

  23. Omigosh! I really missed this opportunity! Soooooo…. sad! I will be vigilant till May 2011 to submit myself for the next coming up course!
    Please consider me if there’s still a chance in this month.

  24. Hello,

    Like the others, I was not able to take the course during the date offered. However, I do have some questions about the specifics of the course such as:

    Time committment

    Next course date

    Is Personal Coaching offered with this course.
    Thank you
    Marcia Collins

  25. This is yet another wail about missing the class – am I to understand after reading all these comments that there will definitely be another class in May? I love to write but could certainly use some professional polishing, and I so enjoy your daily tips (and opinions)! In the interest of NOT missing out again, might I know the exact date and sign up early? Any guidance would be appreciated.


  26. @Marcia and Susan,

    We’ll be re-launching on May 2011, but there is no official date yet. You can join the waiting list if you want (check the page of the course), and then we’ll notify you when we have all the details.

    I’ll be posting updates here on the blog as well, so if you are a regular reader you certainly won’t miss the next launch.

  27. I’m curious to know how the course is doing.
    I ask because, I just realized that the ad on the DWT home page that I’ve been assuming was some sort of spam, as it shows a lady with a fist full of cash and the bold headline “WANNA MAKE MONEY?” was in fact for this course.
    Was that an intentional marketing ploy of some kind, to use “wanna” in an ad for a writing course, and to make a pitch that looked like the endless get-rich-quick scams littering the Internet?


  28. Hi, Daniel.

    I realise the course is closed at the moment, but what is the price? (I couldn’t find it on the course page, and I see you mentioned above that it might go up.)


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