The Daily Writing Tips Forum is Live

By Daniel Scocco

I was planning to launch it once we reached 10,000 subscribers, but the feedback that we got from readers last week was so positive that we decided to kick start the Forum right now. It is about quality rather than quantity, after all, so even if we get a small community there I am sure that the quality of the discussions will be outstanding.

As you can see there is a new “Forum” link on our navigation menu. Once you click there you will just need to go through a small registration process and you will be ready to start posting. If you encounter any difficulty on the registration process or while trying to create threads and posts, just let us know and we’ll look into it.

I will be around pretty much all day long, and I am sure that our authors and many readers will do so as well. This means that if you have any English related question, that is probably the place to go now. We were getting dozens of questions via email every week, and unfortunately we could not write about all of them on the blog. With a forum, however, readers should have a place to express all sorts of questions and advice.

So just head to the registration page, and I will see you guys inside!

4 Responses to “The Daily Writing Tips Forum is Live”

  • sohail

    hi to every one .be behind of all of you in amazing for me.i think every one Attent devlope knowlage of english.i wish i could every one to achived that.

  • Neo Vanamali S

    At last… The much awaited forum is here. And I am off to register in it…

    Keep up the good work…

    Vanamali S

  • Alek Davis

    This is great! I was wondering why you would want to wait for a round number. Thank you for creating the forum now.

  • Farfield

    Very nice, I just subscribed, hope it will grow and become successful!

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