The Daily Writing Tips Forum is Open Again

By Daniel Scocco

Back in 2008 we launched the Daily Writing Tips Forum. We wanted it to be a place where our readers would be able to discuss and exchange writing tips, going beyond what was available on the blog.

Initially it worked out really well, but after a while we started having some spam problems, and around six months ago I disabled new posts on the forum, pretty much closing it down.

Many readers contacted us saying they missed the forum, however, so I decided to upgrade the technical side to resolve the spam issues and re-open it. I have been tweaking things for around one week, and everything should be in place now.

This means that the Daily Writing Tips Forum is officially open again. If you had a registered user there it will still be working. If you didn’t have a user creating one will take less than 2 minutes, and after that you’ll be able to post there.

Maeve and I will be hanging around on the forum as well, so come join us and all the other DWT readers!

6 Responses to “The Daily Writing Tips Forum is Open Again”

  • Florence

    Many thanks for upgrading this technical side i used to disregard it. but i found its useful to me. I studied from a village school were we had no good English tecahers.As per now Am, getting new words, friend’s discussion all the time which gives me courage of improving my broken english. some time i feel ashame of talking in the public even to my friend.So i love the program keep sending me more .


  • mailav

    Thank you so much for this valuable information.

    Very useful indeed.

  • Srosh

    I don’t to how to encourge my self to start writing, but here pleas show me the best way that how to start writing, preten i am the laziest esl learner. not having good writing would be the only big reason that i might fail in the first TOEFL test, actually i haven’t taken the test yet but it’s on 5th march, you know today is the 3rd march but see my writing. i really feel very shamful. pleas send some useful materials for my writing improvement.

  • Mary Ann

    Welcome back and thank you!

  • Eric C

    Man I hate spam.

  • Erik

    Typo in the headline.

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