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The following comment got me thinking about the ways example is used:

I hope we all can take an example from Shakespeare, and dare to break the structured guidelines.

Since the writer was talking about Shakespeare the writer and not “Shakespeare” the works, a more accurate wording would have been:

I hope we all can take Shakespeare as an example, and dare to break the structured guidelines.

Alternately, the writer could have written:

I hope we all can take Shakespeare as our example, and dare to break the structured guidelines.

Here are some expressions that use example.

for example: I like fruit, for example, strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries.

by way of example: Let’s take the works of George Eliot by way of example.

to make an example {of a person) : The captain made an example of the thief by ordering a punishment of ten lashes.

to set an example: People in positions of governmental power ought to set an example for honesty.

to take example: Take example from the life of Samuel Johnson and be kind to the helpless.

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3 thoughts on “Take An Example”

  1. Pechilly,
    The same way you get to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice.

    For the purely technical aspects of writing, review your basic grammar skills. To furnish your mind, read as widely as possible. To acclimate your mind to what is selling, read the published works most like the ones you want to write. For emotional support, find or form a writers’ critique group. And to get a realistic view of what writing for publication entails, talk to other writers at workshops and conferences.

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