Subject Lines, Subscriptions and Submissions

By Maeve Maddox

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In this post I want to deal with some miscellaneous questions that have come to me via email.

Subject Line
Several readers have asked if I could put the day’s topic in the subject line of the subscription feed. I regret that the answer is: I can’t. The way that the subscriptions are handled (Feedburner) does not give me the option of entering a post-specific description in the subject line. If it ever becomes possible, I’ll do it.

Every so often I get a request to enter a subscription for someone or to change an address. The subscription links are at the upper right-hand corner of the DWT page.
Any address changes have to be made by the subscriber.

Now and then writers ask about submitting articles or stories to this site.

Language-related posts – DWT does accept guest posts that conform to the following guidelines:

1. The post must be original.

2. The post must be related to the English language or writing in general (e.g., grammar, punctuation, freelance writing, writing exercises, etc.

3. The author must grant DWT the exclusive rights to publish it online. It may not be republished on the writer’s own blog or in an ebook. The writer does retain print rights.

4. Guest posts will include a byline with a brief bio about the author and up to two links (one for a website and one for a Twitter/social networking account).

Submissions for guest posts may be addressed to

Fiction submissions – Apart from contests, DWT does not publish fiction.

Because so many readers are looking for a chance to publish their fiction, I’ve decided to keep my eye open for possibilities.

I just heard about a literary magazine that is looking for submissions. Although published under the auspices of an Arkansas college, it is open to writers from anywhere.

VISIONS: literary magazine published online by Northwest Arkansas Community College.

No payment, but for a writer building a portfolio, that may not be a deterrent.

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