Spelling Test 1 Answers

1. The car lost one of ___ wheels.
Answer: its

2. Her speech was wonderful. She received many ____________.
Answer: compliments

3. The same problem happened ______________.
Answer: every day

4. John remained ________ for the rest of the lesson.
Answer: quiet

The men forgot ______ meal yesterday.
Answer: their

6. _______ a liar!
Answer: You’re

7. He prefers to wear _______ clothing when exercising.
Answer: loose

8. Everything is going to be ___________.
Answer: all right

9. It didn’t turn out the way we wanted, _________.
Answer: though

10. Please, __________ my excuses!
Answer: accept

11. My car is faster ______ his motorcycle.
Answer: than

12. This event is inevitably going to ____________ the elections.
Answer: affect

13. Mary _______ to the problem but did not mention it.
Answer: alluded

14. ____________ you use it or not, you will need to pay.
Answer: Whether

15. Save the ________________ and do the right thing.
Answer: embarrassment

16. Our problem was _______________.
Answer: persistent

17. The _______ were going to school yesterday.
Answer: kids

18. In order to secure the house, William made an ___________ payment.
Answer: earnest

19. Their company used to offer ____________ services on that field.
Answer: professional

20. Check the __________ if you want to be sure of the date.
Answer: calendar