Short Story Competition: Send Your 500 Words Story In!

By Daniel Scocco

All right folks, it was about time to run a writing competition over here. The first one will be a short story competition. You have until next Sunday (July 20th) to send your story to us via email, on the address.

The Prizes

The competition will be sponsored by WhiteSmoke. It will offer 3 full licenses to the executive edition of its writing software (with a value of $250 each).

The WhiteSmoke Writing Software has the most advanced spelling, punctuation and grammar checkers on the market, as well as a patented style checker to improve your text pieces.

The Rules

  • The deadline for the submission is the 20th of July (midnight). Submissions must be made via email to
  • Send your story either in the body of the email, or as a .doc attachment.
  • The stories must be in English, original, and must not have been published in the past.
  • Your story must have 500 words or fewer. All topics and formats are allowed.
  • By taking part on the competition you allow DWT to publish your story online one time. After that we will not hold any publishing rights over the material.
  • All the stories will be published here on the following week. Depending on the number of entries we might break them down in batches.
  • Once all stories are published, our readers will vote on their favorite ones, and the three stories with the highest number of votes will win the prizes.

Update: The first batch with 10 stories is already live.

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44 Responses to “Short Story Competition: Send Your 500 Words Story In!”

  • Nivedita

    Is this contest still on? Is that last date for submission on 20th July 2011? Please someone throw some light on this.

    Thank you.

  • marcella tippit

    llHey u called me n I was just letting you no ill be callin u in the moring thanks

  • marcella

    do what ever your minds tells you to do because you are all brilliant

  • Sara

    i LOVE books! i wsh 2 bee a famous writer 1 day!

  • molly

    i’ve written loads of books, not published because i haven’t tried even though i’d love to get one published, but none of them are really adventure so i’ve started a new one and i’ll try and enter it in the competition. 🙂

  • charlotte

    it does not let me send it to the email address???? is this the right email ?????

  • charlotte

    when you enter your story by email do you have to put your name and address as well as the story attached ?????

  • sameen n]asir

    Is there any short story competitions(500 words) for 2010-2011?..and
    can it have an age gruop of 8-9….please….

  • gabrielle T

    23/10/10 Can you let me know via email what the deadline is for the next short story competition?


    Gabrielle T.

  • Khawla draoui

    i’ll send a lot of stories to you, promiss.

  • marcella tippit

    I did it I’m still trying I wrote my first book and have’nt published yet but going to i said what i was goind to do and did it because i but my mind to it and when you but your mind to somthing you sucessfully suceed

  • gabrielle T

    I have written many short stories mainly for recreation purposes, one or two are worthwhile, at least I think so. This year (2010) has drawn to the month of September, is there an opportunity to submit, and when?

    Gabrielle T

  • zoya khalid

    how 2 take part in online writing competitions?

  • grace

    hi i want be a succesful book writer can you help me

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