Short Story Competition 2: Send Us Your 1,000 Word Story

All right folks, it is time to run another Short Story Competition. The first one was highly successful with 86 entries and voting rounds that went for almost 2 months.

This time, however, instead of 500 words you will be able to use 1,000. The rest of the rules are the same as you can read below.

The Rules

  • The deadline for the submission is the 4th of January 2009 (midnight). Submissions must be made via email to infoATdailywritingtips.com
  • Send your story either in the body of the email, or as a .doc attachment
  • The stories must be in English, original, and must not have been published in the past
  • Your story must have 1,000 words or fewer. All topics and formats are allowed.
  • By taking part on the competition you allow DWT to publish your story online one time. After that we will not hold any publishing rights over the material
  • All the stories will be published on the blog in January and February 2009, and voting rounds will take place
  • The two stories with the highest number of votes will win the prizes

The Prizes

The competition will be sponsored by WhiteSmoke. It will offer 2 full licenses to the executive edition of its writing software (with a value of $310 each).

If you are interested in offering another prize to this competition in exchange for some exposure, please contact us.

So what are you waiting for? Write on!

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23 thoughts on “Short Story Competition 2: Send Us Your 1,000 Word Story”

  1. @Daniel

    So true! However, I have two previous outstanding WIPs yet to be finished and a group of people who are anxiously awaiting one of those books to be finished. Too many irons in the fire as they say.

    Happy Holidays!!


  2. I didn’t get a confirmation when mine was sent either. I tried to send an email asking if they got it, but I didn’t get an answer. When do you plan to post the stories for voting?

  3. I can’t send my competition entry via email, because the address ‘infodailywritingtips.com’ is not a valid email address. How can I send my competition entry? Please tell me!

  4. Hi. Is this site still active? Two competitions listed as active say “submit by January 2009”

    Thank you

  5. hello,
    I would like to get your news concern with english short stories and dramma ,tale and poem . As for me ,i am preparing for the IELTS exam. Thus , you help me , please . You send me this lessons .
    Thanks ,
    Khaing Mar Lar Phyo

  6. This web is really good it allow young people to startup but they should organize competions quite in a month i was taking forward to take part but the last competition was in year 2009.

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