Short Story Competition 2: Deadline Is Now January 11

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Many readers contacted us asking for an extension on the deadline for the short story competition submissions. Considering we had the holidays in between, we agreed to. The new deadline is January 11, which is this upcoming Sunday.

The first batch of stories will be published next Monday.

The Rules

  • The deadline for the submission is the 11th of January 2009 (midnight EST). Submissions must be made via email to [email protected]
  • Send your story either in the body of the email, or as a .doc attachment
  • The stories must be in English, original, and must not have been published in the past
  • Your story must have 1,000 words or fewer. All topics and formats are allowed.
  • By taking part on the competition you allow DWT to publish your story online one time. After that we will not hold any publishing rights over the material
  • All the stories will be published on the blog in January and February 2009, and voting rounds will take place
  • The two stories with the highest number of votes will win the prizes

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19 thoughts on “Short Story Competition 2: Deadline Is Now January 11”

  1. I don’t agree with your decision. I have more than my share of responsibilities, and I managed to write and edit by the deadline. This is rather unfair to all that stayed up late and snuck off to write during family gatherings, while trying to keep the kids entertained.

  2. I sent my submission back in the middle of December, I was just wondering if we should expect any sort of confirmation that our submissions were received?

  3. @Kelli, sorry about it, but many people had vacations and trips during the time frame we used for the submissions, so it is not like they were lazy. We do understand your side though.

    @Terry, no confirmation will be sent, but we should have your entry.

  4. Would you tell me how to indicate italics etc when submitting by email? and do you have a house style (double ” or single ‘ quotes, etc )?

  5. If we already sent in our story, do we need to submit it again? Feels like a dumb question as I type it. Need coffee.

  6. In the end my story wasn’t up to my own standards, though i will submit the longer original version (more than 2,000 words) somewhere… but still surprised n disappointed no one answered my questions.

    I know it was the weekend but i only happened to find out about this comp on Thursday night, and of course we writers were working on it Saturday and Sunday.

  7. When is the second round over? Hw many days is each round? It seems like round one was just a few days. I voted but didn’t notice how long? Now the fact that I voted for one of the first people–will
    that make my vote for myself in the second round be void? I guess what I’m asking is can people vote in more than one round?

  8. Hey, Jeanette, my formidable competition! Your story is great, BTW.

    Each round lasts 1 week, our round is over this Sunday at midnight. You can vote once in each round. Your vote for yourself in this round should be counted.


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