Not on the Daily Writing Tips Forum Yet?

By Daniel Scocco

We are approaching 400 members on the DWT forum, and there are some great discussions going on there. Here are some examples:

The forum is also the best place to pose questions to our authors, and to the community of readers as well. So if you are not there yet, join us!

3 Responses to “Not on the Daily Writing Tips Forum Yet?”

  • Advibrecere

    Sorry moderator but it’s very importatnt as i think…
    How do you protects from swine flue?

  • PreciseEdit

    Plug for your forum: We’ve enjoyed participating in the discussions here. Good topics, good questions, and good discussion.

    Our own writing forums are open, and we look forward to cross postings and expanded discussions on our favorite topics: writing and editing.

  • D.F. Rucci

    I’m joining up, as of now!

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