Need Help Making Your Site Search Engine Friendly?

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No writing tip on this post, so feel free to skip it. If you have a blog or website where you publish your writings, however, you could be interested on the topic.

You probably know that search engines (e.g., Google and Yahoo!) are the main way that people use to find information these days right? Suppose you have a blog about “blue violets.” If when someone searches in Google for “blue violets” you do not appear among the first 10 results, you will be losing some serious traffic (and money, in the case you have a commercial product or service on your website).

The practice of tweaking websites and pages to make sure that they will rank high in search engines is called search engine optimization. It is not an easy task, and some SEO experts charge fortunes from companies that want to optimize their websites.

For the small guys like us, however, paying for an SEO expert is not feasible. What about if you could use a software to guide you on the search engine optimization process on your website?

That is what RankSense is about. It is an all-in-one SEO solution that brings 12 integrated tools to optimize most aspects on your blog or website. The software has a very user friendly interface, and it will guide you through all the necessary tasks.

Here are some of the SEO tasks that you will be able to do with RankSense:

  • research the most popular and profitable keywords on your niche
  • analyze how you can rank well for those keywords
  • analyze what your competitors are doing to rank well
  • perform a scan on your website to see if the important SEO factors are there
  • research for places to get backlinks to your site

So why we are covering this? Because the company is having a promotional campaign where you can try the software risk-free for 90 days. If you don’t like it, they will give your money back. The registration process require a credit card, but you won’t get changed for the first 30 days, so if you cancel within the first month you will be able to test drive the software without spending money at all.

Should you like it, how much does it cost? The basic plan starts at $25 monthly.

You can click here to visit their sales page with the registration link.

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  1. Most definitely. Take the time to learn seo and implement it. Having your blog found and read is the purpose, right?

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