Need a Freelance Writer? Post Your Job on Our Board

By Daniel Scocco

We’ll be launching a couple of new sections on the website over the coming weeks. The first one is already live: our Freelance Writing Jobs Board.

The idea for that section came from the emails we regularly receive from companies that want to hire freelance writers. With the job board those companies will be able to post job offers, and our readers will be able to apply for the ones they like.

The board is completely free both for companies posting jobs and for writers who want to browse through the offers.


Demand for online content is growing every year, as more and more companies discover the power of the Web and social media to attract and engage customers. If you own a business and are not publishing content online yet, you are missing out! If you like to write and are not doing freelance work yet, you are missing out!

Website Structure

We are also trying to improve the website structure a bit. The following changes are being tested at the moment:

1. No more ads in the middle of the content. Hopefully this will create a better experience for our readers, especially on mobile devices.

2. Posts will only show 30 comments at a time now. Some of our posts have over 500 comments, and for that reason they would take forever to load. This change should speed things up.

3. Cleaner sidebar. We removed the “Popular Posts” section from the sidebar, since it was taking too much space.

4. Secure connections across the website. As you might have noticed, our official address now starts with https:// instead of http://. That extra s means that we are using a secure (i.e., encrypted) connection, and that the date you exchange with us is safe.

Most Popular Articles

Since we no longer display the popular posts on the sidebar, we create a special page to list them: Most Popular Articles. If your favorite post is not there, let us know!

More Coming

You are welcome to give feedback on any of the mentioned changes, or to make suggestions for new ones! We always listen to our readers and try to accommodate their requests.

Finally, we have another section being launched next week. Stay tuned!

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