“Make Peace With” and “Come to Terms With”

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Lately I’ve noticed the use of the expression “come to peace with.”

… Alice must navigate her way through the modern world of tabloid journalism and commercial exploitation and come to peace with her conflicted childhood.

We have all experienced some hurtful things in our past, the key however, is to learn how to come to peace with these unresolved issues, so that we can, in turn learn to let go of them.

I have come to peace with what I believe

The use of “come to peace with” seems to be a mingling of the more common expressions “make peace with” and “come to terms with.”

to make peace with someone: to let old grievances go
Now in their eighties, the sisters have finally made peace with one another.

to make peace with something: to accept an unpleasant reality and let it go
The woman has made peace with her unpleasant past.

to come to terms with someone: to agree on some matter
The dealer and the customer came to terms on the price of the car.

to come to terms with something: to accept an undesired state of things
The injured soldier has come to terms with his disability.

Here are examples of the usual use of these expressions:

Broncos come to terms with LB Jammie Kirlew

The 878 men of the First Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment who came home have struggled to come to terms with the fact that 11 did not

Ten Ways To Make Peace With The Past and Create A New Future

Vatican makes peace with Beatles after 40 years

Any thoughts on “come to peace with”?

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3 thoughts on ““Make Peace With” and “Come to Terms With””

  1. I like it. it’s okay. or make your peace with your inner devil and cast aside your hate for the husband of whom, etc, etc. I feel that goes well too. to at least change it up.

  2. I don’t care for “come to peace with” at all. It just doesn’t sound right to me. I hope that it doesn’t catch on, or I’ll have to come to terms with it.

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