Looking for Freelance Writing Jobs? Check This Site

By Daniel Scocco

I had been planning to recommend this site for a while. It is the Freelance Writing Jobs Network. Managed by Deb Ng, the site offers a wide range of useful content for freelance writers.

First of all the site has a daily column with a list of freelance writing jobs available across the web. On that same post you will also find some links to interesting writing tips on other blogs.

Second, there are many authors who write articles there, covering a wide range of topics. The main categories are: Blogging for a Living, Business Tips for Writers, Job Hunting Tips and Article Writing. Not bad huh?

Anyway just head over to the site and check it out, I am sure you guys will like it.

Notice: Due to popular request we have finally released our Freelance Writing Course. Come check it out if you want to get started freelance writing online.

3 Responses to “Looking for Freelance Writing Jobs? Check This Site”

  • writer jobs

    Thanks! I would grab this opportunity now, my current income is not enough so i need to have extra jobs. Thank you for the information.

  • Anatoly Tsidulkin

    I would not mind to act as freelance ENGLISH -RUSSIAN translator.
    Will it be possible ?

  • Deb Ng

    Thanks, Daniel! And I’ve been recommending your terrific blog during my regular recommended reading segments. I love what you do too.

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