Part 7 – Writing Descriptions

Descriptions are the flare in your story; it helps paint the picture for your readers. With the right balance of descriptions, you can transport your reader into the world you’ve dreamed up and let them walk with your characters, feeling their feelings, seeing their sights, and sensing their senses. Sounds enchanting, doesn’t it?

What to expect from this section:

  1. Creating Vivid Imagery
  2. Using Similes and Metaphors for Enhanced Descriptions
  3. Describing Settings in a Way That Engages the Reader
  4. Balancing Description and Action
  5. Making Your Descriptions Relevant to the Plot
  6. Describing Characters to Reveal Their Personalities
  7. Using Sensory Language for Rich Descriptions
  8. Avoiding Clich├ęd Descriptions
  9. Creating Atmosphere through Description
  10. Writing Descriptions That Reflect the Mood of the Scene