Part 10 – Publishing and Marketing

You’ve done it! You’ve made it through the first nine sections of writing tips! Now we’ll jump right into the final section to top things off. A lot of newbie authors and writers think there’s nothing more beyond the aspects of writing and editing, but they’d be wrong. First, you must create the thing, then you must promote the thing. That’s what brings us to Section 10: Publishing and Marketing!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this final section:

  1. Understanding Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing
  2. Writing a Query Letter
  3. Crafting an Engaging Synopsis for Publishers
  4. The Role of a Literary Agent and How to Find One
  5. Marketing Your Book Online: Social Media and Blogs
  6. Organizing Book Signings and Readings
  7. Understanding Book Cover Design and Its Importance
  8. How to Get Reviews for Your Book
  9. Do You Need an Author Website?
  10. Navigating E-book Publishing and Promotional Opportunities