Part 1 – Basics of Writing

As with any new skill you learn, you need to start at the bottom and lay the foundation. Mastering the Basics of Writing holds ten key tips to teach you the fundamentals of what writing is all about. Each section will guide you through essential details that an aspiring author, journalist or even lawyer should fully grasp.

So, I’ll break down ten key aspects that I believe are crucial to creating clear and compelling writing, whether fiction or nonfiction. I’ll explain each tip in detail and even give examples so you understand these concepts.

Here’s what we will cover in this section:

  1. Active Voice vs. Passive Voice 
  2. The Importance of Subject-Verb Agreement 
  3. Correct Use of Punctuation 
  4. Spotting and Avoiding Common Spelling Errors 
  5. Using Simple Sentence Structure 
  6. Understanding Verb Tenses 
  7. Capitalization Rules 
  8. Avoiding Sentence Fragments and Run-ons 
  9. The Role of Conjunctions in Sentences 
  10. Eliminating Redundancies in Your Writing 

With the tools I cover, you’ll be equipped to craft well-structured and grammatically correct pieces of work. Each tip will be followed by exercises that help you apply what you’ve learned and reinforce your understanding of these basics.