Module 1: Introduction to English Verb Tenses

Our English Verb Tense course offers a comprehensive overview of tenses and their usage. It defines each of the following: simple, progressive (continuous), perfect, and perfect progressive (continuous) tenses. Each module contains their structure, usage, as well as numerous examples, and opportunities to practice your skills.

Use this course to learn the basics of tense use and to help review and deepen a prior understanding of English verb tenses and how to use them in all your communication. 

Course Introduction: Purpose, Benefits, and Course Instructions

Verb tense shows when the action in your sentence happens. Understanding the use of verb tense helps create effective communication. Without the proper use of past, present, or future tense, your message will lack clarity and may confuse your intended audience. 

Consistent verb tense establishes effective communication, and your language skills will benefit greatly from the study of this course and the practices found within.