Ableist LanguageWords, phrases, or expressions that discriminate against or demean individuals with disabilities or perpetuate negative stereotypes about disability.
CopyeditingThe minute, detailed review and refinement of content to improve grammar, syntax, and usage and to ensure that it adheres to best practices for style—correct punctuation and logical, consistent treatment of words and numbers.
Cross-ReferenceA reference within a document that directs the reader to related or relevant information in another part of the same document or in a different document.
FacsimileA reproduction or replica of the finished product.
Hard ReturnA line break or a paragraph break that is inserted intentionally by pressing the Enter or Return key on a keyboard.
JargonSpecialized language or terminology used within a particular profession, industry, or social group.
ProofreadingThe inspection of a document to detect errors in content or format.
Quantitative IssuesAspects of written content concerned with measurable or numerical characteristics, such as word count and sentence and paragraph length.
Qualitative IssuesAspects of written content concerned with the quality, effectiveness, and overall impact of the writing.
Running TextContinuous written or printed text that flows from one line or paragraph to another without interruptions.
Style GuideA set of standards and guidelines that provide instructions and recommendations for consistent and effective writing.
Style SheetA record of idiosyncrasies, such as preferring an alternate spelling for a given word, or guidelines for when various classes of numbers are spelled out or rendered in numeral form.
SubheadA secondary heading or title that appears within a larger section of a written document.
SyntaxThe set of rules and principles that govern the structure and arrangement of words, phrases, and clauses to form grammatically correct sentences.
TypefaceThe specific design or style of a set of characters, including letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks.
TypemarkingThe use of specific symbols or notations to indicate changes, corrections, or formatting instructions in a printed or written document.
VerbosityThe excessive or unnecessary use of words in speech or writing.