Chapter Three: Building a Portfolio

Whoa! We’re already on to chapter three of this roadmap! In this chapter, I’m diving deep into one of the most critical tools in a freelance writer’s arsenal: the portfolio.

A well-crafted portfolio showcases your writing abilities and range and sets you apart from the competition, helping you land jobs and build a successful career. Worried you don’t have enough to build a portfolio? Not to worry! I have tips for that too!

Topics Included in This Chapter

  • What Is a Portfolio?—Understanding the essence and importance of a portfolio.
  • Where Does Your Portfolio Live?—Exploring the platforms and spaces for showcasing your work.
  • Do You Need a Portfolio?—Discussing the significance of having a portfolio in your freelance writing career.
  • What to Include in Your Portfolio—Detailing the elements that make a compelling portfolio.
  • What to Do if You Have Nothing to Put in a Portfolio—Strategies for new writers to build a portfolio from scratch.