Chapter Four: Honing Your Craft

Onward to chapter four! I’ve dedicated this chapter to honing your craft as a freelance writer. You absolutely have to continually refine your skills, knowledge, and expertise to excel in this competitive field. It’s a lot and forever moving along like a boat on water. But it can be managed with the right tools and knowledge.

I jammed this chapter full of my own tips for honing your craft, plus a ton of other helpful information and guidance to help give a better overview of what it really means. I’ll touch on different strategies for becoming an expert in your niche, understanding different types of content, mastering SEO, conducting research, and so much more.

Topics Covered in This Chapter

  • Deciding to Go Niche or Generalist
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Different Types of Content
  • Exploring Key Terms and Formatting
  • Understanding SEO
  • Research Skills for Content Writers
  • Importance of Style Guides
  • Writing Tips for Content Writers

This chapter is meant to get you up to speed on what type of content you should be creating and familiarize you with industry terms and such. I’ll go even further in-depth in chapter five, where I teach you how to create specific types of online content with step-by-step instructions. But first, let’s get a few things straight.