Chapter Five: Crafting the Perfect Piece

Congrats on making it to the halfway point! This chapter is dedicated to the art and science of crafting the perfect piece of written content. Remember in the last chapter when I said I would go in-depth and teach you how to write an article using your newly honed skills? Well, here we are!

Whether you’re writing an article, blog post, or copy for a website, certain elements are crucial to making your work stand out and achieve its purpose. Let’s take a moment and break down the key components, strategies, and tools that go into creating the perfect article.

Topics Covered in This Chapter

  • Main Elements of Every Article
  • Other Elements of an Article
  • Creating an Outline
  • Reading and Understanding Client Briefs
  • Troubleshooting Issues with a Brief
  • Checking for Keyword % Usage
  • Using Tools like Surfer
  • Checking for Plagiarism
  • Editing Your Own Work