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No writing tip on this post, be warned. If you are interested in learning Internet marketing and in creating your own online business, though, read on.

My name is Daniel Scocco, and I am the owner of Daily Writing Tips (most of you probably know this by now… or so I hope!). Luckily for you guys, Maeve handles most of the post writing these days, so I just need to manage the administrative tasks on this blog.

That is pretty much what I do full time. I create web properties and manage them. Sometimes I create blogs, other times websites that sell services, and other times yet I play with PPC (Pay-per-Click) and affiliate marketing.

I have been working from home on the Internet for almost three years now, and I really can’t see ever going back.

I know that many of you also want to follow a similar path. Maybe you are tired of your 9 to 5 job. Maybe the economic crisis is putting some pressure on your banking account. The Internet is THE market place these days, and learning how to make money online is an aspiring idea right?

How do you go about doing that though? Where do you start? Using what tools?

It was thinking about those problems that I gathered some friends of mine to create an Online Marketing and Business training program, called Online Profits. The program is launching today, and it will stay open for new members only until the end of the week (Friday 16 is the last day to join).

The Online Profits members will have access to:

  • 21 training modules and 66 lessons
  • Video tutorials
  • Exclusive interviews and case studies
  • Private Forum where you will get all your questions answered
  • The Social Club to boost your social media traffic and exposure
  • Exclusive tools and resources

And here is what is covered on the 21 training modules (each of them has several lessons inside):

  1. Introduction and Business Principles
  2. Domain Names
  3. Setting Up Your Website
  4. WordPress
  5. Web Design for Entrepreneurs
  6. Business Models
  7. Choosing Your Niche
  8. Blogs
  9. Other Types of Websites
  10. Web Content and Copywriting
  11. Basic SEO
  12. Advanced SEO
  13. Generating Traffic
  14. Social Media
  15. Web Metrics
  16. Selling Advertising
  17. Email Marketing
  18. Affiliate Marketing
  19. PPC (Pay-per-Click)
  20. Landing Pages
  21. Selling Your Products

Now to the key question: how much does it cost? The members joining on the first launch will be able to attend the training program for $48 monthly instead of the official price which is $98 monthly. The program has a duration of 6 months, and the training modules are added gradually over time to ensure that members won’t be overloaded with too much information right after signing-up.

If you are planning to get started with Internet marketing and with your online business in 2009, I am sure this training program will get you going on the right direction. Click here to check all the info and the sign-up page.

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4 thoughts on “Internet Marketing and Online Business Training Program”

  1. Small typo: “busieness” instead of “business”

    (Please delete this comment after correction if you please”

  2. @Thanks for spotting that guys.

    If you knew how many different things I needed to juggle yesterday you would pardon me 🙂 .

    I believe I wrote that post in 5 minutes and published it, but yeah it is my fault anyway.

  3. The old method of advertising is interactive marketing. The term is misleading. Most people think it means that there is some type of interaction on the part of the person advertised to, and there is. But, it is not conversational. Instead, the advertiser wants you to interact with their campaign in a specific set of steps. Following the call to action and visiting a website for instance. It’s the push to make you do something. Live this image. Buy this now.

    Social Media Marketing is just the opposite. It’s the pull of the tribe. The tribe already has your trust so the actions they take are ones you align with. On a larger scale, it’s the allure of belonging in the group as you take action together. “I am doing this so why don’t you do it with me?” On an individual level, the attraction is to behave the same way to get the same results that benefits your fellow tribeswoman or tribesman. “She looks hot! I want to look hot too. I want to go to her hairstylist” and you do. Social Media Marketing uses the power of attraction.

    While advertising tries to use the same tactic, with a billboard for instance, of a gorgeous woman telling you the benefits of the salon, it doesn’t have the same impact because it’s pushing you to go. It is not pulling you in as a trusted friend. Your friends have your best interests at heart and advertisers do not. Social Media Marketing is based on building trust and that foundation will make Social Media a dominant player in Marketing.

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