Travel Writing Resources

I love travel writing, but the strangeness of the internet marketplace means that sometimes I have to write travel articles about places that I’ve never been to. I’ve now done several of these, and here’s what I have learned from the process. As a writer you can make connections between what you have done and … Read more

To Curry Favor

A reader asks, Does the expression “Curry Favour” have anything to do with curry? Short answer: “No.” But the long answer is pretty cool. The gastronomical word curry derives from a Tamil word for sauce, whereas, the curry in the expression “to curry favour/favor” is a verb meaning “to comb a horse.” curry (noun): A … Read more

225 Foreign Phrases to Inspire You

Here’s another writing challenge for you, a sequel to 150 Foreign Expressions to Inspire You. I’ve listed foreign phrases that eloquently draw, in just a few words, a portrait of a person or a situation. Some are obscure in their figurative language (esprit d’le escalier, one of my favorite expressions, refers to the chagrin you … Read more

Expanded and Extended

Tali asks, What is the difference between “extended” and “expanded” When do you use either? Although extend and expand can be used interchangeably in some contexts, extend applies to things that are being stretched out, while expand applies to things that are spread out. One implies length; the other area. If you extend your arm, … Read more