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We are getting close to 500 copies sold of our book, 100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid, so I wanted to give you guys a couple of updates.

First of all we are working to get both a paperback and a Kindle version of the book available, as right now you can only get it in digital format (i.e., as a PDF).

Second, the feedback we received so far is great. Out of 500 buyers only two asked for a refund, and that is because they thought they were buying a physical book. On top of that there were many positive reviews around the web. Here are some quotes I gathered:

Thirty minutes after I got this book I looked up from my screen, a smile of intense satisfaction playing around my lips. It is not every day that one encounters gold nuggets, something this book truly is. (Fredrick Nwonwu)

When you’ve been writing for as long as I have (my first piece was published in 1958 when I won a national Sunday school magazine short story contest), there is a dangerous tendency to think you know all you need to know, and it’s only necessary to come up with brilliant ideas. Well, just when you think you know it all someone comes along to pull you back jerkily to reality. “100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid,” by Maeve Maddox, is only 45 pages long, but like the proverbial ant in the elephant’s ear, it can have a disproportionate impact on the quality of your writing. (Charles Ray)

Unlike other English grammar books, which are lengthy, complex, and boring, “100 Writing Mistakes To Avoid” is simple, straightforward, and it focus on the 100 mistakes that are probably already hurting your writing pieces. (Satish G.)

This book will make it easier to identify and avoid mistakes which might make our clients think less of us. As a British writer who often writes for an American audience, it’s useful to have guidance on a few stylistic points that may feel wrong to me but may be right for my readers. (Sharon Hurley)

Where I think the guide comes in really handy is for writers who are committing these mistakes and may not even realize it. These aren’t the kind of things that are picked up in a spell check and unless we know what to look for, in all probability, we will continue oblivious to these types of errors. (Travis King)

If you don’t have your copy yet you can buy it here for $9.99.

Finally, I also wanted to thank all the readers who already bought the book. It is a way to support the work we put on this blog, and we sure appreciate it.

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