From Our Readers – Sneak/Snuck and WH

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Sometimes I get comments via the Contact box that I wish had been posted in the comments for everyone to enjoy.

Sneaking up on Snuck

Here’s what A.G. of Clearwater, Florida had to add:

Ah, the wonderful vagaries of the English language!

Sneak/sneaked is in line with leak/leaked, peak/peaked, peek/peeked,
or reek/reeked.

On the other hand, if speak/spoke, why not sneak/snoke?

Or, if seek/sought, why not sneak/snought? [shudder]

With tongue in cheek, I remain faithfully yours [oh, no, let’s not start that one up again!]…

Pronouncing Words That Begin with WH

Maria Cypher, she who inspired the WH post, sent the following link to a map that shows where “clusters of [hw] speakers” practice their funny pronunciations.

Map showing [hw] pronunciations.

Note the dot in the center of Arkansas. That’s where [hwer] I grew up.

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