Want To Start a Freelance Writing Career?

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The Internet is exploding with opportunities, and starting a freelance writing career is certainly one of them. If you like to write, it is a no-brainer. Freelance writing allows you to make money while exercising your writing skills, covering topics you are interested in.

How much money can one make? Well, this obviously depends on how experienced you are, and on how hard you are willing to work. Some people use freelance writing only to supplement the salary of their 9 to 5 jobs. Others work hard at it and within some time they actually quit their day jobs and start writing full time.

Regardless of what your goals are, one thing you will certainly need to succeed is the knowledge about how to get started. That is what this post is about. Two friends of mine are launching today a complete course for aspiring freelance writers called Freelance Superstar.

Here are the topics covered in the course:

  • How to Start Writing for Money
  • What to Expect from Freelance Writing
  • Online Writing Jobs Exposed
  • How to Attract High-Paying Clients
  • Regular Writing Vs SEO Writing
  • Regular Writing Vs Copy Writing
  • Freelance Blogging Vs Freelance Writing
  • Improve Your English and Writing Skills
  • Expand Your Career with Outsourcing
  • Create Stable, Recurring Income from Referrals
  • Getting Paid as a Freelance Writer

On top of that you will also get a collection of video tutorials and templates to help you setup a portfolio website. Currently the course is selling for $37 (one time fee), but that will last for seven days only. After that the price will increase.

Notice: Due to popular request we have finally released our own Freelance Writing Course. Come check it out if you want to get started freelance writing online.

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9 thoughts on “Want To Start a Freelance Writing Career?”

  1. Freelance Superstar sounds like a great course. I definitely am interested in attracting high-paying clients. I do my best to network and obtain referrals. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m networking with the wrong people. Perhaps I will look into Freelance Superstar!

  2. I checked out the Freelance Superstar site, it looks like it’s more of a website than a course, which is fine. My question is, if anyone knows…is it a one shot payment of $37, or is it a monthly type of thing? I can’t find anything specific in the fine print. Thanks and live the DWT site as well! 🙂

  3. Even though you’ve given a perfect reference for the site, I am feeling a bit skeptical. I spotted several typing errors just in the first couple of paragraphs. That, to me, doesn’t bode well for a course on Freelance Writing.
    Personally, I think that someone offering a class about teaching someone how to write, should be able to proofread their own.

  4. @Anita, the course is not about how to write. It is about making a living from freelance writing on the web. In other words, they won’t teach you grammar or composition, but rather how to find freelance jobs, how to make sure you will get paid, how to market yourself and so on.

  5. I agree with Anita. There are a number of usage and typing errors that indicate that this is definitely not an “English is my first language” website! How can you be telling us what successes you have been for 10 years when you cannot even put out a site that reads easily and naturally and contains typos?

  6. Anita and Joanne are right: you cannot profess to teach what you have not mastered.

    This article sounds like an ad. It doesn’t include writing tips — it’s a promotion piece for a course.

    I’m surprised this was published at Daily Writing Tips.

  7. I am an amateur interested in freelance writing . please guide me if i can choose it as a part time career job and do some online work for some fruitful results.
    kindly mail me some authentic sites for the same.

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