ExistentialQuestions.com: Share Your Meta-Physical Theories

By Daniel Scocco

Warning: this post is off topic and does not contain any writing tips. If you are interested on meta-physical and philosophical issues, though, read on!

What is the meaning of life? Does God Exist? Are we alone in the Universe? Where do we came from? What is happiness?

Have you ever thought about those questions? Well I have, and I often talk about them with friends and relatives. A couple of weeks ago, in fact, after discussing about “Where do we come from?” with my dad I thought that perhaps it would be cool if there was a website where people could share their own theories on those issues, and where they would be able to comment and rate the ideas of other people.

Long story short, I decided to give it a shot and create it. It is already live on ExistentialQuestions.com. It is a community website where anyone is welcomed to join and to write an article with his theories or ideas.

existential questions

We are also having a small competition over there to kick start things. Basically the highest rated article until October 31 will win $300 cash. Got something interesting to say on those existential issues? Share it with us. If people like, you might end up with the money prize!

6 Responses to “ExistentialQuestions.com: Share Your Meta-Physical Theories”

  • Mari

    I first ran into the term in 1985. I’ve never in all the years in between seen it hyphenated.

  • Daniel Scocco

    Yeah probably metaphysics is the most used form. Still Google reports almost 100,000 results for “meta-physics”.

  • Mari

    I’ve never seen it hyphenated. Hence my confusion.

    HA! I said “hence”. LOL

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Mari, a matter of style. I don’t think we have a definite version for that word, do we? I have seen some dictionaries hyphenate it, while others don’t.

  • Mari

    Is there a reason in the headline “metaphysical” is hyphenated?

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