Hyphens in Headlines Exercise (79)

Hyphens are misused or mistakenly inserted or omitted in each of these headlines from online news sources. Correct each headline as necessary.

Answers and Explanations

Original: Anti-Drunk Driving Message Reaches Men from the Urinal
Correct : Anti-Drunk-Driving Message Reaches Men from the Urinal

The reference is to a message opposing drunk driving, not to a driving message opposing drunk, so hyphens must connect all three words.

Original: Kenya Attackers Tweeted Siege in Real-Time
Correct : Kenya Attackers Tweeted Siege in Real Time

The noun phrase "real time," like most noun phrases, requires no hyphen.

Original: Seven Don’t Miss Events for Oct. 10-13
Correct : Seven Don’t-Miss Events for Oct. 10–13

The events shouldn’t be missed, so they are don’t-miss events. Also, technically, the symbol in the date range should be an en dash, but many websites employ a simple hyphen in such usage.

Original: Obama Keeps Congress at Arm’s-Length in Government Shutdown
Correct : Obama Keeps Congress at Arm’s Length in Government Shutdown

No hyphen is necessary in the noun phrase "arm’s length."

Original: Life’s a 26.2 Mile-Run
Correct : Life’s a 26.2-Mile Run

This analogous reference to a marathon requires a hyphen to link 26.2 and mile as a phrasal adjective modifying run; likely, the hyphen was accidentally misplaced.

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