Confused Words Exercise (472)

In each sentence, choose the correct word from the pair of similar terms. (If both words possibly can be correct, choose the more plausible one.)

  • They made the ________ in record time.

  • The brand still has a certain ______.

  • The ________ consisted of cases of grenades, missiles, and rockets.

  • They always _________ his achievements.

  • The ________ left a black stain in the gutter.

Answers and Explanations

1. They made the ascent in record time.

ascent: climb. "We prepared for our ascent of the cliff face while it was still dark."
assent: agreement or approval. "The upper management gave its assent to him about the proposal."

2. The brand still has a certain cachet.

cache: a hidden stash or supply. "We were relieved to find the cache of extra supplies exactly where we expected it to be."
cachet: prestige. "To maintain its cachet, a product must maintain its quality."

3. The ordnance consisted of cases of grenades, missiles, and rockets.

ordinance: a local law or regulation. "The ordinance passed unanimously despite widespread opposition during the City Council meeting’s public-comment period."
ordnance: military supplies. "The missing ordnance includes handheld rocket launchers and rockets."

4. They always deprecated his achievements.

deprecated: criticized or disapproved of. "In the video, they deprecated what they chose as the worst albums released during the last year."
depreciated: decreased in value. "The property’s value had depreciated as a result of construction of a waste-treatment plant nearby."

5. The effluent left a black stain in the gutter.

affluent: wealthy. "More affluent residents tend to settle in expensive homes in hillside neighborhoods."
effluent: liquid waste. "Researchers have studied the rising concentration of effluent in the creek."

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