Conciseness Exercise (419)

Simplify the following sentences by making them more concise and direct.

Answers and Explanations

Original: They are cognizant of the problem.
Correct : They know about the problem.

Replace complicated words with simple synonyms.

Original: We are in the process of seeking a solution.
Correct : We are seeking a solution.

Avoid noun phrases that include vague nouns.

Original: The opinion of my neighbor is that I should call the city planning office.
Correct : My neighbor’s opinion is that I should call the city planning office.

Replace prepositional phrases referring to possession with a phrase that includes the possessive form of a noun.

Original: The clues are suggestive of an inside job.
Correct : The clues suggest an inside job.

Reduce a wordy verb phrase to a verb.

Original: The acquisition of the company will result in our domination of the market.
Correct : If we acquire the company, we will dominate the market.

Reduce nominalizations (word forms in which a verb has been converted into a noun) to verbs.

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