Spelling Test Exercise (396)

A word is misspelled in each of the following sentences. Provide the proper spelling for the misspelled word in each one.

Answers and Explanations

1. Mr. Rabinowitz, an amanuensis who is assisting a famous politician in writing his autobiography, says that he is having difficulty separating truth from imagination.

2. Any animal can be provoked into vicious behavior by intentional and habitual maltreatment by irresponsible and despicable owners.

3. Many modern playwrights and screenwriters have mined Shakespearean masterpieces in order to create more up-to-date versions of stories that remain timeless.

4. The Department of Human Resources will be hiring several secretaries this year, but Director Harrison says they must be referred to as "personal executive assistants."

5. In the study of genomes, one must consider degeneration and adaption of certain elements that are still in the nascent stages of development.

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