Spelling Test Exercise (343)

A word is misspelled in each of the following sentences. Provide the proper spelling for the misspelled word in each one.

Answers and Explanations

1. In many venerable Hollywood movies of the 1930s, amorous married couples like Nick and Nora Charles are depicted as sleeping in separate beds in lavishly furnished hotel suites.

2. The man in the tourist office provided me with an expensively printed map that marked all the local cemeteries among attractions to visit.

3. Many of the people who express their opinions on blogs and in social media have the attitude that misspelled words are of absolutely no importance; they’re even oblivious to how their friends spell their names.

4. One of the unfortunate results of prosperity and social stability is that people come to imagine that various things are rights when in fact they are privileges to be earned.

5. The consensus among classroom teachers as to the universal value of the newly mandated Common Core standards is by no means unanimous.

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