Spelling Test Exercise (331)

A word is misspelled in each of the following sentences. Provide the proper spelling for the misspelled word in each one.

Answers and Explanations

1. In the second millennium B.C. men and women stood in the same relation to the mysterious and awesome forces represented by the gods and goddesses.

2. Until the fourth century A.D. there was little interference with women’s attendance at public gatherings for reading of and discourse on scripture.

3. The text, written by J in the tenth century B.C., indicates that patriarchal assumptions about procreation were then already well established.

4. For the maintenance of paternalism (and slavery) it is essential to convince subordinates that their protector is the only authority capable of fulfilling their needs.

5. Early in the second millennium, the first strong Hittite king, Hattasilis I, not only challenged the traditional rule of succession, but he also proclaimed himself chief priest.

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