What's Wrong with These Headlines? Exercise (32)

Each of these headlines has an error or a distracting element. Such problems stem from the necessity of including much information in little space, and the context may not be clear, but revise as necessary.

Answers and Explanations

Original: Smith Bares Teeth, Eyes Cops
Correct : Smith Bares Teeth, Focuses on Cops

The juxtaposition of the noun teeth and the verbeyes is distracting, because readers will likely assume that eyes is the same part of speech as teeth.

Original: Stolen Pickup Kills Bystander
Correct : Driver of Stolen Pickup Kills Bystander

Vehicles don’t kill people; people kill people.

Original: Last Volkswagon Beetle Rolls off Assembly Line
Correct : Last Volkswagen Beetle Rolls off Assembly Line

Volkswagen was misspelled.

Original: Dow Hits 31/2-Year High
Correct : Dow Hits 3 1/2-Year High

Unless a fraction is styled in case format, in which the numbers are reduced in size, a letter space is required between a whole number and the fraction.

Original: Wake Up Wall Street
Correct : Wake Up, Wall Street

This imperative, admonishing the US investment sector to pay attention, is an example of direct address and requires punctuation between the demanded action and the identification of the addressee.

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