Spelling Test Exercise (193)

A word is misspelled in each of the following sentences. Provide the proper spelling for the misspelled word in each one.

Answers and Explanations

1. The proprietor of the exclusive Hollywood boutique rang up the purchase for forty dollars, wondering how the jewel-bespangled socialite had managed to spend so little.

2. The committee for nuclear supervision announced that the report indicated that no solution was likely in the foreseeable future.

3. The informed U.S. foreign policy of the past seems to have been replaced by uninformed, intransigent, political bickering and self-interest.

4. For his work in neuroscience and genetic engineering, the renowned scientist was awarded an honorary degree from a prestigious university.

5. As public education tends more and more towards mere technology and entrepreneurial skills, cultural knowledge and familiarity with the best of the world’s literary canon is slipping into oblivion.

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