Forming Plurals Exercise (152)

The following sentences are written in the singular. Change all the nouns and pronouns from singular to plural. Make changes to other parts of speech as necessary to make everything agree in number.

Answers and Explanations

Original: The nurse places the baby in the baby bed.
Correct : The nurses place the babies in the baby beds.

The second "baby" does not change because it is an attributive noun, i.e., a noun that modifies another noun.

Original: The tourist watched the salesman as he persuaded his customer to buy the used car.
Correct : The tourists watched the salesmen as they persuaded their customers to buy the used cars.

Original: The famous hunter brought back a deer, a fox, a wolf, and a wild ox.
Correct : The famous hunters brought back deer, foxes, wolves, and wild oxen.

Original: A parent often feels dismay when a louse is found in her child’s hair.
Correct : Parents often feel dismay when lice are found in their children’s hair.

Original: The animal behaviorist who runs this institute says he can talk to that goose, that mouse, that fish, and that wallaby.
Correct : The animal behaviorists who run these institutes say they can talk to those geese, those mice, those fish, and those wallabies.

The plural fishes is used only in special idioms, such as the biblical "loaves and fishes."

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