DailyWritingTips Has a YouTube Channel Now

By Daniel Scocco

We are always looking for new ways to distribute our content and to interact with our audience. That is why we decided to launch a YouTube channel, featuring short videos with grammar, punctuation and spelling tips.

You can visit the channel and subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/c/dailywritingtips

We opted to produce the videos in-house, because outsourcing it would be very expensive (around $400 per video), and we don’t have a large budget. This means that the quality is not where we want yet, but we’ll get there!

Below you will find three videos to get you started, and new ones will be released regularly. You can reach us at info@dailywritingtips.com if you have any feedback or suggestion.

Amongs vs. Amongst

Famous, Infamous and Notorious

Affect vs. Effect

5 Responses to “DailyWritingTips Has a YouTube Channel Now”

  • venqax

    Thanks, Daniel. I hope it didn’t come off as nitpicky. I think the idea is a very good one. You can reach a huge audience out there that is never going to read anything a whole paragraph (!) long. LOL. I think the videos were ver well done overall.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @venqax, thanks for the feedback. I am not sure if we’ll be able to edit the existing videos, but I’ll certainly pay attention for future ones!

  • venqax

    Good… on Among/Amongst I think the final, “Oh, BTW” bit that in American English you just dispense with “amongst” could have been the lead. That’s really the quick answer to the whole question for Americans. Likewise Inquire/Enquire, Practice/Practise, License/Licence, etc.

    I would not have paired *notorious* with the noun *notoriety*, but rather with *notoriousness*. While *notorious* has the negative connotation the clip mentions, I don’t think *notoriety* has such a connotation. Nothing sounds wrong or damning to me say that William Faulkner is an author of great notoriety.

    Lastly, the “professional” voice-over guy said “adje-tive”. There is a hard C in there. Very amateurish, IMO. Simply put, it bugged me and detracted from the authority of the posting.

  • Daniel Scocco


    Yeah, different people absorb information in different ways. We figured that some would absorb better with audio-visual content. It’s still an experiment though!

    As for the narration, we hired a voice-over professional haha!

  • ApK

    Interesting. I was questioning the need, but I guess multimedia can make for more effective learning.

    Who does the narration? If it’s Maeve, she sounds NOTHING like I imagined she would. 😉

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