Come Join – It Is Free Now

By Daniel Scocco

online-profits-logoNo writing tip in this post, but since many of our readers are looking to start a website or an online business, I figured the information would be relevant.

Last year I launched a training program called Online Profits. It basically covered everything you need to know about Internet marketing, from setting up a website with WordPress to blogging, from search engine optimization to affiliate marketing. The cost was $392, and yet we got hundreds of members aboard. The feedback was great too, as most members said the knowledge they got out of the course was more than worth it.

Long story short I am re-opening the doors of that training program today, and I decided to make it free. Why? To make it accessible to as many people as possible, and to foster a community there (even if that means I’ll earn less money with that project). The only requirement is that you need to sign-up for a hosting account with one of our partners to get access, but that will cost you $10, so I think it is a very good deal.

The “Lesson Grid” section has been revamped, and now it has over 100 training pieces. Last time I checked all the lessons, interviews and case studies combined had over 150,000 words….

Another section I think you guys will like is the “Live Case Study” one. I am basically building a website from scratch and publishing updates and reports about the steps I am taking, so that members will be able to follow and understand how to apply the concepts and strategies explained in the lessons.

Finally, you’ll also be able to interact both with me and with the other members on our private forums. I try to answer to every single question that is posted there.

You can get all the information at I’ll see you inside!

6 Responses to “Come Join – It Is Free Now”

  • Cecily

    “To figure” can mean “to think over” in informal British English too.

  • Maeve


    In U.S. English “to figure” can mean:

    to think over, consider; to count on, anticipate, expect.

    Daniel’s statement is idiomatic English.

  • AmaT

    Thanks, Daniel. I am going to seriously think about it.

  • sisay

    i like ur idea

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Moo, I don’t see anything wrong with “I figured the information would be useful.” But I’ll ask Maeve anyway, our editor in chief.

  • Moo Kahn

    You “figured that the information…” Isn’t that the same kind of quasi-English construction you rail against?

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